Psychological Well-Being


The current article presents information on a brief 10-item measure of well-being called the Schwartz Outcome Scale – 10 (SOS-10). Rationale and procedures for test development are introduced, as well as the presentation of multisite research data supporting the psychometric characteristics of this test. Interpretation of the SOS-10 is based on a normative database from over 9000 clinical and nonclinical participants. The low burden of the SOS-10 and its demonstrated relationship to a range of relevant treatment variables make it an ideal measure to help assess outcome in any treatment program.

The Schwartz Outcome Scale – 10©: A brief measure of psychological well-being

The terms “treatment outcome” and “patient reported outcomes” have become increasingly present in today’s world of health services, including both medical and mental health fields. Although these areas are not new ideas, they are carrying greater weight as insurance companies and government regulators have begun to mandate the tracking of patients’ treatments and improvements. The current article provides information about a unique outcome measure that has been developed at Massachusetts General Hospital called the Schwartz Outcome Scale-101.

The SOS-10 has been shown to have excellent psychometric properties, a growing normative database, and impressive validity in a range of clinical settings. In addition, the SOS-10 has been formally translated into several other languages while retaining its psychometric properties 2,3.

The SOS-10 is a treatment outcome and program evaluation tool designed to measure psychological health and well-being. Psychological health is conceived of as an overarching construct that encompasses life satisfaction, interpersonal effectiveness, positive self-appraisal, optimism, and the absence of psychiatric symptoms. The SOS-10 was specifically developed to have very low burden on patients and clinicians, as well as to be especially sensitive to treatment-induced changes across a wide range of therapeutic interventions.