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Jan Sansoni
Australian Health Outcomes Collaboration, Centre for Health Service Development,
Australian Health Services Research Institute, University of Wollongong, Australia



The Australian Health Outcomes Collaboration (AHOC), with associated organizations, convened an Australian seminar and workshop series with Dr. Ware. There were seminars and workshops held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and Sydney between the 2nd and 6th May 2011. Dr. Ware spoke on ”Advances in Health Outcomes Assessment: Implications for Current
” and offered workshops on ”The Application and the Interpretation of Patient Reported Health Outcome Measures”. Dr. Ware had not presented in Australia since the 2003 Health Outcomes Conference so we all really enjoyed catching up with him again. The feedback received from the participants was excellent.

AHOC staff recently completed a report on The Effective Assessment of Social Isolation which reviews measures of social isolation, loneliness, and social function. We are also currently involved in the clinical validation of two short measures for the assessment and outcomes monitoring of incontinence (Revised Urinary Incontinence Scale; Revised Faecal Incontinence Scale) and, with A/Prof. Graeme Hawthorne, the validation of the Short Assessment of Patient Satisfaction Scale. A/Prof. Sansoni has recently written a report for the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing on the national standardization of assessment tools for Aged Care Assessment Teams.

Associate Professor Jan Sansoni, in conjunction with Dr. Kate Senior ran a week-long course on Health Outcomes Measurement and Management at the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin in early March. Jan has also recently become an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Center for Research and Action in Public Health at the University of Canberra and looks forward to
ongoing collaboration with this Center.

Unfortunately, Mr. Nick Marosszeky has recently left the Australian Health Outcomes Collaboration but we wish him the very best for his new position in the educational testing and assessment area. Dr. Elizabeth Owen, a statistician, has recently joined the AHOC.

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Associate Professor Jan Sansoni at
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