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The Ibero-American Chapter of ISOQOL,
Brief Historical Sketch

Juan Dapueto


The Ibero-American group of ISOQOL informally met for the first time in 1999 during the 6th ISOQOL Annual Conference, in Barcelona. In August 2001, the 1st Ibero-American Meeting was held in Montevideo, Uruguay. This meeting, sponsored by
ISOQOL, gathered together around 100 researchers from different countries including Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Spain, Mexico, UK, USA, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

In the following years, two encounters took place with the participation of researchers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, and Uruguay. The initial encounter, the second Brazilian meeting of HRQL researchers, was in São Paulo in 2002; it was the first regional educational activity. The other meeting was the first South American Workshop, held in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2003.

In 2004, Porto Alegre hosted the 2nd Ibero-American Meeting. During the encounter, participants agreed to hold regional meetings every two years and to pursue becoming an ISOQOL official chapter. At that time, the group was recognized as a Significant Interest Group (SIG) by the ISOQOL Board of Directors. The SIG gathered officially for the first time in San Francisco’s ISOQOL Meeting in 2005, and two co-chairs were elected and assigned the responsibility to lead SIG. The 3rd Ibero-American Meeting took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in August 2006, with significant economic and scientific support of ISOQOL.
A second SIG meeting was held during ISOQOL 13th Annual Conference in Lisbon. In that meeting all participants agreed putting forward the foundation of the Ibero-American Chapter of Quality of Life Researchers, following ISOQOL directives. The Chapter bylaws were approved in 2008, during the 15th Annual Meeting of ISOQOL and 4th Ibero-American Meeting that took place in Montevideo, in 2008.
During these years, the Chapter has already held two elections of co-chairs and members of the Regional Committee. The group has kept close contact among its membership through its website and mailing list. The 5th Ibero-American meeting was held in Santiago, Chile, in September 2011. The number of papers increased as did the scientific quality of the research presented at the meetings.
Hopefully, this will lead to a larger number of papers published in international journals in the next years.

The Chapter is now devoted to the organization of the 6th Ibero-American Meeting to be held in Mexico in August 2012.
This brief historical sketch provides evidence of the Chapter’s ability to sustain itself and to support future activities and developments.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Juan J. Dapueto
Profesor. Director del Departamento de Psicología Médica
Facultad de Medicina - Universidad de la República – Hospital de Clínicas, piso 15 – Montevideo, Uruguay
Tel: 2487 3423

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