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2010 Asian Chinese QOL Conference

Kwok Fai Leung
Chairman, Organizing Committee, 2010 Asian Chinese QOL Conference 



The International Society for Quality of Life Research - Asian Chinese Chapter had organized the 2010 Asian Chinese QOL Conference from 17th-19th December, 2010 in the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. The conference was co-organized by the Hong Kong Society for Quality of Life and the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care at the University of Hong Kong.

This was the sixth conference on QOL research held in Hong Kong or Guangdong Province of China since 2000. Everybody involved in organizing the conference shared a common mission of building and maintaining a platform on which people conducting QOL research or providing services for the promotion of quality of life for the Chinese population could share their work in a bilingual conference environment. This time, we were very successful in achieving such goal again.

There were 150 people attended the conference, among them 30 came from various parts of mainland China. Besides academia and researchers, a large proportion of participants are practicing clinicians and therapists, including practitioners of Chinese medicine.

We were much honored to have invited Prof. John Ware as our keynote speaker. Several renowned experts in QOL research including Ms. Mona Martin and Mr. Donald McKnight Bushnell from USA, and Prof. Ji-qian Fang from China, Prof. Cindy Lam from Hong Kong, and Dr. Sunny Lin from Taiwan shared their latest thoughts and findings on QOL research in the plenary sessions.

All the participants, especially young researchers from Mainland China, enjoyed very much the half day workshop conducted by Prof. John Ware. Ms Martin discussed the issue related to QOL claims from a conceptual perspective. Prof. Cindy Lam shared her thoughts on selecting QOL instrument to suit the nature of various QOL research. Prof. Ji-qian and Dr. Sunny discussed various aspect of QOL research on traditional Chinese medicine.


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