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News from TCA-SIG

The ISOQoL Translation and Cultural Adaptation Special Interest Group (TCA-SIG)

Katrin Conway1 | Donald Patrick2 | Mona Martin3 | Sonya Eremenco4
1 MAPI Research Trust, Lyon, France
2 University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
3 Health Research Associates, Inc., Seattle, WA, USA
4 United BioSource Corporation, Bethesda, MD  



In 2004 the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQoL) created a special interest group in the field of translation and cultural adaptation (TCA-SIG). The aim of the group is to identify and advance research in the fields of translation and cultural adaptation of PRO measures.
The 25-member TCA-SIG has three subgroups pursuing individual objectives to meet the overall aim:
• The Cross-Cultural Issues subgroup addresses issues related to the access of copyrighted instruments, the translation of PROs and their use in e-format,
• The Translation Methodology subgroup pursues a research agenda for the development of methodologies in the field of translation and cross-cultural research,
• The PRO Translation Certification subgroup aims at establishing an international certification program for PRO translations.

At last year’s ISOQOL conference in London, the TCA-SIG had 37 attendees at its annual meeting. During this gathering members of the group presented the key elements of three publications the TCA-SIG is currently preparing:
• Caroline Anfray from MAPI Institute in Lyon, France, summarized the main ideas of a manuscript about the rules and applications regarding copyright of translations of PRO measures
• Mona Martin from Health Research Associates in Seattle, Washington, USA outlined the key aspects of a publication centered on the type of certification needed for the translation of PRO measures.
• Michael Koller from the University of Regensburg in Germany presented the major elements of an article on the evaluation of existing procedures, criteria, and outcomes used during the process of reconciliation employed in the translation of QoL questionnaires.


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