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May 26, 2009


Genetic Disposition and Patient-Reported Quality of Life Outcomes

This one-day state of the science meeting brings together top researchers in the fields of genetics and QOL research to share their work and plan for future group collaborative efforts in order to move forward the study of the linkage between genetic variables and quality of life outcomes. Much progress has been made in recent years on the impact of genetics on cancer and its treatment. Advances have also been made in finding ways to incorporate the patients’ subjective experience into clinical research. Validated quality-of-life instruments are now available and empirical evidence about disease and treatment outcomes has been collected for most disease sites and treatment modalities. Perhaps the most provocative finding is that quality of life can be superior to clinical assessments for predicting cancer patients’ survival.
Recent data provided preliminary evidence that the genetic disposition of cancer patients may impact their quality of life. This one-day course will explore the genetic disposition of quality of life in cancer patients by reviewing the evidence and setting a research agenda for identifying potential genes and genetic variants for quality of life.
This Genetic Disposition and Patient-Reported Quality of Life Outcomes course will be held February 26, 2009 in Rochester, Minnesota.


For more information, please visit the website http://www.mayo.edu/cme/ 


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